Monday, October 16, 2017


Do you want to play a game
Click on the following image

Would you like to work as a butler? You can watch the following video about Butlering at Buckingham Palace 

If you want to revise some more vocabulary related to the world of work, watch the following video:


Saturday, September 30, 2017


This academic year I will teach English to upper-intermediate language learners. 

I hope you find the new posts and resources useful for the level.

This is the coursebook we are going to use in class:
English File Upper-Intermediate 3rd Edition
Oxford University Press. Student ́s book and Workbook. 
ISBN 978-0-19-455874-7 
Image result for new english file upper intermediate 3rd edition 

Remember that you can also use the Internet to do some extra activities based on the textbook we are going to use.

New English File Advanced 
At this stage of your learning process, it is very important for you to be an independent learner. So remember...

"Today is the start of a new adventure. New challenges to face, new memories to make, and new obstacles to overcome."

                                                                                   Nishan Panwar